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New Water Bottle from Greif Spain



DELAWARE, Ohio, USA (July 19, 2004) – With indications that the marketplace was thirsty for innovation, Greif Spain S.A. worked with selected customers and a cooler manufacturer to develop a new water bottle for domestic users. The team considered a number of requirements and restrictions:

  • By law, the bottle capacity could not be more than 10 litres.
  • The new cooler had to have a new concept.
  • Spanish flat kitchens, including European flat kitchens, are very small. Families need the maximum available space.
  • With a vertical bottle, the water cooler has to be moved to change the bottle, which is inconvenient.

“Given all this, we decided to develop a new bottle with a maximum capacity of 10 litres,” said Greif Spain Business Unit Manager Jose Luis Figueras. “It had to use a minimum of space on the kitchen countertop. It had to be a minimum width, but we did have some tolerance for length. The maximum height could be 60 centimeters.”

The team came up with a uniquely shaped bottle that would work horizontally or inclined to a small degree.

“The new bottle is hexagonal, where the positive angle of the bottle coincides with the negative angle of the top of the cooler,” Figueras said. “It’s also the guidance for the insertion of the cup with the watersave. By inclining the bottle six to 10 degrees, we guarantee the water volume supplied, as well as the extraction and the insertion of the bottle without damage to the watersave of the water cooler.”

Greif has protected the bottle model by a patent.


Matt Eichmann Vice President,
Investor Relations and Corporate Communications
Greif, Inc.
Office: (740) 549-6067

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